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Penile prosthesis is an option for men with erectile dysfunction who have not been successful with medical therapy including oral and injectable medications.

Men with low (<5 million sperm/ml) or no sperm in the ejaculate without blockage require genetic workup to examine changes in chromosomes or genes.

Mobile devices and laptops may affect male fertility.  Learn more about the research which indicates that common devices could be harming your sperm.Reception-Pic
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Being overweight or obese could have a negative effect on a man’s fertility and sexual health.
The microsurgical multi-layer approach to vasectomy reversal involves 4 layers of stitches on the vas deferens: the gold-standard for reversal of vasectomy.Vas mucosaVaricoceles cause increased heat around the testis, harming sperm and testosterone production for men. Click to learn more.

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The choice of lubricant for sexual intercourse is important for fertility!  See recent Everyday Health article citing Dr. Wosnitzer.


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Learn more about genetics of male infertility and non-obstructive azoospermia with this recently published research article in PLOS One by Dr. Wosnitzer.Globe

Male infertility, vasectomy reversal, and men’s health treatment options are available from the Center for Male Health and Reproduction of Connecticut. Infertility affects 1 in 5 couples and male infertility is a common issue affecting up to 50% of couples trying to conceive.  Click here to learn more about ways to improve male fertility, hormonal levels, and sexual function.

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Welcome to the Center for Male Health and Reproduction of Connecticut.  We are pleased to provide expert and compassionate care for men’s health issues including male infertility and vasectomy reversal for patients.  We offer gold-standard procedures based on the extensive publications and texts which Dr. Wosnitzer has authored for microsurgical procedures for male infertility and microsurgical vasectomy reversal including vasovasostomy, vasoepidymostomy.  Dr. Wosnitzer will create a customized treatment plan for male infertility or sexual dysfunction issues.

Our Center, within Northeast Medical Group/Yale New Haven Health System welcomes patients from Connecticut, New York, and throughout the United States and abroad with convenient options for consultation in person or by telemedicine.  Call today to learn more from our team.